Israel's Ministry of Tourism announced that 3.6 million tourists visited the country in 2017. Twenty-five percent of them went for religious purposes, reports Israeli financial newspaper Globes English.
China has banned all Christian-related activities in the country. Government officials have been implementing various edicts to prevent Christians from practicing their faith.
Three hundred million people are now using the popular Bible App, YouVersion, according to Premier.
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) vowed to include more religious-themed shows in its programming.
A new research has found that many British households are favoring Christmas traditions from other European countries instead of the old holiday customs, Premier reports. Ancestry spokesperson, Russell James, said the British identity is a fusion of different cultures. "We found that the Christmas traditions we now follow are more...
Pakistani security forces are on heightened alert after two suicide bombers attacked on December 17, 2017 a church in Quetta, the capital of Baluchistan province, reports Premier.
Italy's culture ministry announced on December 11, 2017 that visitors to Rome's Pantheon will be charged an entrance fee starting May next year. The Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and the Vicariate of Rome signed an agreement to introduce a $1.17 (€2) fee for those visiting the ancient...
A giant Bible is set to return to Britain to be displayed in an exhibition on treasures of the Anglo-Saxon world, reports The Guardian.
An animated movie is first to be nominated for best short film at the eight annual Catholic Film Festival, Mirabile Dictu.
A recent study found that Orthodox Ethiopians have much higher levels of religious commitment than Orthodox Christians in Central and Eastern Europe.